Friday, January 28, 2011

Lou Sang

Days before Chinese New Year, I already participated in a few Lou Sang…


It’s nice to share the joy and happiness with your family.


Here, wishing everyone, Happy Chinese New Year, have a safe journey home.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Thaipusam at Batu Caves

This year, was the first time I was there to witness Thaipusam.


Thaipusam at Batu Caves has been famous for so many years… famous for the huge crowd of people going there to pray, as well as famous for creating litters after the event.


The litters were thrown all around the area, and every single year, the local municipal has to send over hundreds of staffs just to come clean up the area.

Other than just going there to take photographs, I was there to help inform the public about the act of recycling. I know that I shouldn’t be posting this following photograph, but this shot is just too beautiful to be kept as an archive.


A group about 20 people went out to help create awareness, but due to the huge crowd, it’s not really effective.

I did a quick survey around, observing and listening to the public, and made a short note on why can’t the area be clean throughout the event.

Lack of rubbish bins, therefore lack of convenience to throw them.

Rubbish bins misplaced in some un-crowded areas, and you could see these bins were empty.

Filled rubbish bins are not cleared quickly leading to overflowing rubbish bins.

It’s not like the people there were not educated to properly utilize the rubbish bins, they just couldn’t find one, or the bins were just too full to contain anymore rubbish.

No point for us to be there telling them to throw litters into bins or have litters placed in recycling bins when all the bins were actually full of rubbish!

By the way, most of them walked to Batu Caves and many of them took the public transport there. This was good, wasn’t it? But how about the train service? Badly managed ticketing system, no proper queues, people rushing to get into the trains. All these bad services just made things worse. Anyways, I just feel that something has to be done about this, people of the public has to be included as well.


For a while, I felt like I was in India…


In short, Godspeed, Malaysia.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Old Faithful Camera

Got my old faithful camera back from SP… certainly enjoy the simplicity of simple point and shoot camera…

So today, after working in the lab, I head over to KLCC to meet a friend, then we had a short walk over to Pavilion.

This year’s theme for Chinese New Year is RABBIT!!!

Taken with an Olympus Point and Shoot Camera

They’ve got some nice decorations going out there. Inside is just as nice too!

Taken with an Olympus Point and Shoot Camera

The very main attraction are the drums out there. They certainly know how to draw a crowd!

Taken with an Olympus Point and Shoot Camera

Taken with an Olympus Point and Shoot Camera

Kids definitely love them…

Taken with an Olympus Point and Shoot Camera

The adults alike!

Taken with an Olympus Point and Shoot Camera

See this foreigner also enjoyed himself!

Taken with an Olympus Point and Shoot Camera

This grandma and grandson was sitting by the stairs, resting after a long walk I guess.

Taken with an Olympus Point and Shoot Camera

There were some shops selling some nice decorations and gifts, this guy here etches on the marbles to create drawings…

Taken with an Olympus Point and Shoot Camera

Taken with an Olympus Point and Shoot Camera

But then again, kindly think whether is it necessary for you to buy them. Cause by the end of CNY, those decorations are most likely discarded… Think before you decide to buy them.

At the end, here I wish everyone:

Taken with an Olympus Point and Shoot Camera

(Which translates: May you be safe and prosper always).

And if you want to look young on the outside, perhaps you could pay this shop a visit… haha…

Taken with an Olympus Point and Shoot Camera

P/S: So here, I prove to everyone here that the camera you’re holding does not affect you from taking great photos. Use them wisely, and you’ll be amazed by the wonders of photo story telling! Keep shooting everyone!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Wonders of Nature

It was a rainy morning, and out I went to the garden of inspiration.

Nature, never fails to amaze me.

Look at this little bug…


It’s not a bug, but leaves and flower buds.


And this one… A green butterfly resting on a tree bark?


Nope, it’s a small crawling plant using nature’s resources to create the most beautiful structure ever.


See, the beauty of nature is around you. And may you find joy in observing them along the way in life!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blood Donation

Today, marks the date of my 10th blood donation.


People often think that vegetarians shouldn’t donate blood. Well, I’m a person who eats lots of chocolates. So who says that my iron is insufficient?


By the way, those meat eaters, beware of iron overload. The only way you can prevent iron overload due to red meat is by donating blood, especially for males.


So for your own health, as well as to save other’s life, donate a pint of blood today!