Sunday, November 30, 2008

High School Reunion!

This is so far my longest post with the most photographs.... Of course la... featuring my friends mar!

5th Formers Class Reunion at Old Town Uncle John Restaurant, Village Mall.... 8pm at nite, 29th Nov 2008

As usual, friends always arrive late... haha! *Sorry for the bad comment...*

So, we had a few photos and more photos and gone photo crazy!

Here are some.... in fact, quite a lot.

Here's my buddy, Zaiyed and I.... One of my best friends in high school....

From left, Hwee Xue, Zaiyed and Seow Lih

Actually, Phiak Yee is trying to block Hwee Xue's face with his big palms... I managed to take a photo without him blocking her face just yet... if you wanna see the one with her face blocked, do get the photo from me... haha

Clockwise from bottom, Hwee Xue, Siong Poh, Phiak Yee, Fook Ling.

Lovely couple, Seow Lih and Chong Chong.

Fook Ling and Chun Xian, fooling around... haha

Devilish Grin....

Kim Peng in the photo...

Siong Poh and Peng Meng... Woot, what's up with the thumbs up?! I know la... good la, good la... I know I'm good la.

2Must+1kitten = Must-kittens

My school's Kimi Raikonen and Aladdin... heh

Stop! Traffic lights ahead...!

From Left, Seow Lih, Hwee Xue, Wei Ming and Chong Chong

Nigel from 5A1

Hwee Xue ar... Aiyo, don't be jealous la... If you want to be so close, go find a boyfriend la...

I know, I know.... Just Kidding...

Hong Teik and Hwee Xue... Doesn't they look lovely too.... Love is in the air... haha

Chun Xian, Kim Peng and I... Don't be jealous, okay!

Some group photos...

Here, Lin Wooi was showing off his order - 'ice-cream bread'...

Ending up, being stolen by Chau Weng to eat.... haha

Here's a photo of our devilish friend... trying to hit someone.... Ooh.... Like that can kill one ah? hehe

More group photos... *ahem* Sorry for the blurry photos... I'll try to get the sharp ones from Chun Xian....

Ooh... Look! Comet and asteroids!

I know you have muscle mass la....

The truth behind this reunion is, I just want to see everyone's response towards my SMS... and it turned out better than I expected! About 20 friends came, we had a great and wonderful night together...

Thanks to everyone for coming, and thanks for those who couldn't make it to our reunion but helped to inform others.

These photos are with tags. Please contact me to get photos without tags.....

Sunday, November 23, 2008

The truth behind Epson Printers and Inks...

Dear friends,

Don't trust me, see it for yourself...

Here's a brand new cartridge, for Epson CX3900.

After printing less than 15 pages, printer chip notified the computer that ink is now low, please change cartridge.
I wondered why such a big cartridge can only print so little documents, so I open it up, hoping that I can somehow find a way to refill the cartridge and guess what I found out...

The cartridge, with such complex structures, and got empty spaces not filled with ink. Even worse, the printer refused to use up all the remaining ink!!!

So I guess, here's the truth behind printer inks....

This bottle of Epson ink costs RM 32.00... roughly about 5ml of ink.
You do the math...

5ml = 0.005L = RM 32.00

so, if

1000ml ink = 1L = RM 6400!!!

That's even more expensive than the petrol!!!

So take my advice, tell as many friends as possible, boycott Epson Printers and inks. Canon and Lexmark have if-not-cheaper-is-"ref*11-friendly"-inks.... Think wisely when you choose your printer... (*ahem* I'm not promoting for any brands of printers over here)

Since PIKOM fair is coming soon, so tell your friends....

For even more information, read this article "How You are Being Cheated on Your Ink Jet Cartridges" by Dr. Mercola.

I hope this helps....

Parent and Teacher Meeting

I read something interesting in today's newspaper...


How is my son's performance in class?

Your son has about 8.4GB brain memory capacity. His brain power is better than Pentium 300. He doesn't pay much attention in class, most probably due to low "cache" because he seems to forget what is taught by the time the class ends.

RAM maybe not enough because sometimes he understands and sometimes he couldn't.
There seems to be some calculation errors sometimes, could it be due to CPU error during born? Better send him for extra tuition to increase CPU function and performance.

Sound card seems to be the problem most of the time. It doesn't function properly whenever sound or audio is required. But when silence is needed, he produces lots and lots of noise and statics.

Also, screen saver might be set for too short a time, cause whenever I pause for about one minute, he went into "sleep" mode.

The display unit is too advance to handle, as he often sees things outside the blackboard.

Other than these problems, there are no more major faults.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

I want to Move it Move it!

The move it move it craze is back!!

This time, even crazier!

Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa is certainly good, filled with explosive laughters and really cute animals. More move it move it! (You wouldn't dance in the cinema, that's for sure.)

Overall, I guess this is a good movie for kids and adults, equally entertaining. Watch it for yourself!

Also, coming next year would be Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs. In 3D... Wohoo!! This time they had better screen it on IMAX.... July 2009. If not mistaken, Transformers should screen around this time as well... Haha! Two most anticipated shows next year.

Other shows (I'm anticipating) next year include Step Up 3D, Parkour, The Fast and The Furious, Aliens vs. Monsters, Harry Potter and others.

So, next year... is definitely one fantastic year filled with great movies!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Comic strips and info...

Here's a comic strip I received via email...

P/S: Sorry for those who can't read mandarin.

Then some jokes... haha

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Biohazard Day!!

As aforementioned, today is the day where I witness for myself, the handling of biohazardous lab specimens.

This patient came in the hospital emergency ward to seek treatment and he admitted that he has AIDS. Initially, nothing much to be scared of cause everything is under control.

After the blood sample is sent in and processed for data entry, Mr Khow picked up the tubes, unknowing that the cap was not properly fastened. The blood spilled onto his gloves when he inverted the tubes!!! Luckily he wore his rubber gloves. THAT'S WHERE THE REAL SCARY PART BEGUN.

The remaining blood was transferred into another tube; the rubbish bin was cleaned with alcohol. Any tabletop exposed to the blood was again cleaned with more soap and alcohol.

As for most tests, test cards which can be used multiple times were discarded once used. Biochemical analyser cuvettes were discarded. Specimen trays were cleaned and more cleaning.

The blood sample was handled with double gloves, for extra protection. All the things discarded into the biohazard bag will be incinerated. Really scary.
To double confirm the HIV, this blood sample was sent out to BP labs for a more detailed test.

But the joke of the day would be hearing from another lab officer saying that "BP labs officer doesn't know what 'biohazard' means!!!" Seriously?!
So for those out there, here’s the biohazard logo.

*logo so big, hope that it'll get stuck in your mind! Then become horror movie in your dreams like 28 Days Later or Resident Evil... muhahahahaha...

So be wary of items or things with this logo, stay away as far as possible if you’re not wearing any protective gears.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Coach Carter

I love basketball. I have a great interest in the game, and I have always wanted to play it, be good at it, mastering it. Weird isn't it? I don't play this game, yet I love it so much.

The question is... Why didn't I play during my high school? How about primary school years? The truth is:
1) There is no proper basketball court off me to train in my primary school and high school.
2) No proper support to play this fantastic game with others because the lack of confidence.
3) I hate those players in court who curse and swear like nobody's business.
4) The lack of respect and courtesy among some players, with no sportsmanship.

Yesterday, I watched a movie called "Coach Carter". This is a great movie as it shows that excelling in your sport is not worth anything if you are not successful academically.

Coach Carter may have taught the players well about playing great basketball, but he also showed them that good academic can change their lives. This is very true especially when they are from the poor and they need scholarships to further their studies. Indeed, very true!

So, what happened to my high school friends who used to play great basketball? The rich ones of course had their parents' support to further their studies. The poor... some of them started working, paycheck to paycheck. Some have to suffer from working under the scorching sun. Anyone in jail? I don’t know. Maybe?

So please, my fellow friends who play lots of sports and neglect your academics, watch "Coach Carter". Hope that you will realise the importance of academics besides excelling sports. One more thing: GROW UP!! Stop cursing, stop being a jerk when you’re playing with weaker opponents, and BE HUMBLE!!!

As for me, I definitely need to stop finding excuses to avoid playing the sport I “love”. Heh…

Sunday, November 9, 2008

T-shirt Done!!

FINALLY!!! The design for the T-shirt is done! Comments please!!! The harsher the comments / complaints, the better!!! Give me ideas on how to improve it further. Please contribute your idea. Thanks a lot yo!

Monday, November 3, 2008

So, you really want to see where I work ar??

Here are some photos of the clinical laboratory I'm working in.... Who says UTAR's equipments are bad? Take a look at these....

This is the space were I work in... That indian girl is extremely helpful... cheerful too... haha.

Here's an extremely old biochemical analyser by Bayer. Still working fine, slow and steady wins the hearts of patients.... haha

Anyway, the hospital is planning to acquire a new biochemistry analyser by Randox.... so small yet so expensive.... top up another RM 30k and you have enough money to buy a brand new Honda Civic Hybrid car!!!

These are the few centrifuge machines I've been handling for these few weeks... They're definitely older than I am!!! Except for the pink colour one - just loaned from someone two days ago, and it is born in 1989... haha.... still working fantastically well.

Then the spectrophotometer.... Very old also, my supervisor said that it's going to spoil quite soon... but still can be used in the time being.

This room is for microbiology purposes....

.... and guess what I can find here?

The mini autoclave.... about the size of our home rice cooker.... small and cute! Used to autoclave agar mix.

Microscope by Nikon.... they should send it for maintenance already... optical lens for the right eyepiece a bit dirty ler... and the view is slightly out of alignment, so it makes urine FEME a bit hard...

Bilirubin meter...

Blood serum/plasma Sodium/Potassium analyser...

And finally... the most up to date machine in da house! Sysmex Blood analyser - running all the Hb, RBC, WBC counts, MCHC, etc...

That's it! Tell me more about your lab...

*Special thanks to Metro Specialist Hospital Sungai Petani for letting me work in your clinical laboratory. These photos are not meant to contempt the hospital lab. Working over there is definitely a rewarding experience... at least for the first few weeks... hehe. Overall, the lab has all the basic tests for patients' need. So that's good!!!