Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Insane semester ending soon…

I woke up today feeling EXHAUSTED even I had almost 9 hours of sleep… I guess I was too tired…

This crazy semester is going to end soon…

In the coming weeks, I’d be having more tests, more lab tests, more things to handle, few more assignments to complete and hopefully, I can find some time to do more revision…

So to everyone who’s busy this week, remember to take some time off. I was stressed out last Sunday… and took the whole day just to recover my mind. I ended up doing almost nothing that day…

Take my advice, manage your time properly. And you shall find the extra time to do a little something that you like.


Sunday, March 29, 2009

Earth Hour @ CapSquare

Yeah, the walk, the freebies, and the performances… Good… But not good enough… later I tell you why…

In the mean time, let me guide you through the event…


60 Earth Hour means 60 minutes of switching off all your unnecessary electrical consuming appliances or devices. The main aim in this project is to CREATE AWARENESS on how you can help to save our earth, by reducing the amount of wastage.

Two boys, I remember them well, said that recycling is one way to save energy… they were BRILLIANT. I must say, impressive.

The first thing that popped into my mind when Joey G asked on ways we can conserve energy was ‘recycling’. True enough, recycling not only saves resources, it also saves lots of energy. I guess those who visited Tetra Pak booth would understand more about recycling.

I arrived at Capsquare around 4.30 pm, and most people already started queuing up to redeem the T-shirt.



I overheard this woman said this, “By the end of the day, all it matters is just the T-shirt. Nothing else… People joined this event for the sake of the T-shirt…”. What she said was true. Very true.

DJ Joey-G was the host of the day


WWF set this ‘60’ sign on the floor… It looked fantastic at night.


Before the walk started, my friends took some photographs.


DSC_4788 DSC_4791_079

Owh ya, Happy Birthday Greg!


Then around 6.15 pm, some performances…

The cheerleading team Charm



Then live bag pipes performances



The drummers were fantastic. The beats where hard and solid beats… They’ve trained very, very hard, I believe.


Then I spotted this auntie, shooting videos of the band and also fanning herself… Haha. Kind of hilarious… and yes… it was HOT!


Then the WWF crews started to light up the candles in the cups…


This little girl was helping her dad to light the candles.


This is a view from top…


KL Tower…


The walk was started off with celebrities…




Kind of a short walk only… They only covered 12.5% of the whole CapSquare… kind of irony for the walk…

With the day going dark, candle-light photography is great! Slow, warm light…



This girl again… busy keeping the candles lit…


So here’s a comparison between ‘lights on’ and ‘lights off’… You can really see the difference.


I guess some of us were bored, so we started doing some crazy stuffs…


DSC_5085_226 DSC_5109

For Greg… His birthday candle lights…


The all-star performance… See Yasmin Ahmad second from right? Rina, Jac and many others were there too..


Before leaving straight for home, here’s a group photo.


Overall, the event was a success. Never the less, I have one complaint regarding this event…

Notice the empty paper cups scattered all over the walkway? This is the problem with the organizer. They expect people to protect the environment, but they themselves did not prepare recycling bins for others to discard the rubbish.

Also, this is just a publicity stunt to get people to join and also to create awareness. Successful. But how long will it last? Would someone take the initiative and promote this event 365? or at least once every month? Or will it be like another celebration? One that would be forgotten after some time..??

So, please everyone, do your part.

Start conserving to save our mother earth. Don’t wait for another celebration like that to save energy. Practice it DAILY!



Saturday, March 28, 2009

Am I just a tool? AM I JUST A HANDY MAN?

So… really… am I just another tool to be used by others?

Do I have to help everyone who asks for help...?

I know the answer is ‘NO’ but it seemed that sometimes ‘no’ cannot be accepted as an answer…

I feel devastated sometimes… being used, and being misused.

Please, someone… enlighten me.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Lunch at Meh Dou Yau

The “Meh Dou Yau” Restaurant is actually in Cantonese meaning ‘We have everything’… literally…

Still, the food is definitely good, with reasonable price. The 8TV Ho Chiak has introduced this shop and I guess they’re really up to that standard.

The lunch with Amelia, Caroline and Peter yesterday was pretty enjoyable. Love the chat! Food too!

This pretty, cute girl here is Caroline… haha… *Peter, don’t kill me ar!


I know… this shot is a bit awkward cause the I didn’t use multi AF points and used single point AF on the cup… as a result, it’s the cup which is sharp and not Caroline… hehe.


Caroline’s Chicken Chop with rice


This is mine… Chicken Chop… Looked great, right? Tasted good too!


It’s a bit odd having wantan in the western dish… haha. Anyway, the wantan were really filled with prawns and meat, with little flour only… and they tasted FANTASTIC!


Peter and Amelia’s Chicken Rendang with Rice…


So if you’re wondering what to eat tonight, perhaps you can drop by the restaurant and have some good food! The price is pretty reasonable too!

By the way, I finally got my White Balance control pretty accurate this time… Yippie!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Sook Wen

Happy birthday to you…… May all your birthday wishes come true… including falling in love… hahaha…

*Sook Wen, just kidding la…


Someone said that after the birthday girl cuts the cake, half of the cut must be continued by someone else whose birthday is coming very soon among the group of friends… I wonder why?

Since Greg’s birthday is coming soon (among the crowd)… So I guess he should do the honours… hah


The cakes definitely looked good… tasted better than they looked!



So here’s the crowd to celebrate the birthday…


Once again… happy birthday to you!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Green and Red Box Karaoke

Now… What was Green Box and Red Box Karaoke mobile truck  doing here in front of Jalan Genting Klang morning market?


hmm… I think they’re trying to make some business from students… since students now are so busy with assignments etc…. a mobile karaoke would be fantastic huh?

Anyway, since these few days it seemed to rain quite frequently… I guess it’s fine for me to share some “冷笑话”



Here’s a more ‘practical’ English version (not a direct translation)

One day, a bunch of cats and dogs went out touring around, shopping. All of a sudden, a strong wind blew all the cats and dogs up into the sky……… And that moment, it started raining Cats and Dogs…

I think this is the ‘coldest’ joke I ever received to date… Haha

By the way, I still got tickets for the Walk of Hope in conjunction of Earth Hour 2009. You can get them from me ya!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Vegetarian Food Sale

UTAR Buddhist Society organized a charity food sale and today, they’re selling California Sushi rolls!


Presenting the chefs of the day….


Some newbie were trying their hands on sushi making…

And here’s the final product!


Tasted good but lack a bit of salt in the sushi… Addition of some salted soy bean sauce would make it taste much better…

Anyway, if you missed today’s food sale, they’re having another food sale tomorrow. So do go buy and try some yummy vegetarian food ya!

Oh ya, the food sales go to charity…