Sunday, August 31, 2008

Soap Dramas....

So everyone knows that I'm a big fan of soap drama... Haha! But did you notice that for your favourite drama of previous season has only got about 15 to 20 episodes instead of normal 23 or 24 episodes? That's because of the Writer's Strike. So producers do not have scripts to shoot the show, leading to that season of drama ended earlier than it should be.

Let's hope that would not happen again. So here it goes... shows that are going to be aired soon... New season, new plots...

One Tree Hill (Season 6)- 01 Sept 2008
House M.D. (Season 5)- 16 Sept 2008
Heroes (Season 3) - 22 Sept 2008
Grey's Anatomy (Season 5) - 25 Sept 2008

So if you'd like to catch these shows, you know where to get them... haha.... Torrents are a good way to start.

By the way, the group photos for the fireworks display is ready for collection. Again, visit for more information.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trip to MIFC

The trip to Putrajaya was not as bad as I thought. As this is the first time I've been to Putrajaya, this is definitely a new experience for me. Also, I actually do not know the way to Putrajaya and PICC... so basically I just try my luck and thank god nothing happened.... or else I'd be in deep trouble.

Enough of that, let's talk about the fireworks. So, how was it? Well, it was FANTASTIC!! Great show, great music, back pain and tired. Haha. But I guess everyone enjoyed the show. So here are some photos I've taken. Not sure whether it's good or not, but everyone is free to comment on it.

Owh ya, please visit for more info about UTAR Setapak Photography Society activities.

Group Photos:


This one looked like Dandelion...

If you'd like to use the photos for personal purposes, the least you can do is ask.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Set of Design

Here's another set of design... I've asked Gary to create another set... But here's mine so far.
*Gary, if you'd like to use this idea, just go ahead... make it better, make it nicer than this..... and I'm sure everyone would be delighted to own one.... Thanks to you.

If you notice, there are 5 colours instead of 4 as aforementioned. So let's try 5 colours and see how it goes. If I manage to get a deal, where they can print multicolour, that would be great!

Thanks for the feedbacks so far.

Course T-Shirt

I don't think I can wait any further.... SO please view these two t-shirts and give comments...

I need people to help me on this, at least to spice it up a bit. Sorry for the kinda lame design.

Here's my concept:
The wordings - A view of electrophoresis...
Design logo - A use of medicine, biology and chemistry...
Decorative - Just a random one...

I need people to help me spice things up.... But then again, please be reminded that majority rules. So if your suggestion is good but is rejected by most people, then it'll not be taken account into the design.

Here's my plan, you can see 2 coloured T-shirts here - Black and Blue.
So far, blue coloured is preferred. But I wish that we can print BOTH the T-shirts.
The blue one will be printed as a more 'formal' and 'official' one - Polo T-shirt (collared); and the BLACK one will be printed as a more 'informal' and 'artistic' design - Round Collared T-shirt. The best would be that both the T-shirts have 2 sets of designs.

Price so far is about RM 25 per piece, maybe personalized with your name on YOUR t-shirt. I'm trying to limit colour use to 4 types. But I'm still searching for shops who are willing to print MULTICOLOUR at the same rate... So keep our fingers crossed.
Regarding to the fabric, maybe you guys might want to have more 'sports wear' type of fabric or 'rough' fabric, it'll affect the price though.

So let me know what you guys think. Members of the public may give comments as well.

Thanks a lot.

Blue Coloured

*click on the photo to enlarge and view

Black Coloured

*click on the photo to enlarge and view

And 1 Streetball 2008

Okay guys, And 1 streetball is back in KL...!!!

It's great to see people play streetball, no rules, no boundaries, *no anger management, no friendship*..... etc... Not to say that it's not good. Sometimes, playing sports is all about the spirit and working together. Some teams do not have members who cooperate with each other, some got frustrated and refused to pass the ball to the opponent at the last minute. To tell you the truth, I've learnt quite a lot from my observations - give and take will make a great game, and be humble to go further.

Somehow, the games looked a bit 'easy' to play..... I just don't know why. It's like you can get a score very easily or something like that... at the same time, it's difficult to score a point. Maybe because of the court is small, I'm clueless...

Here's the journey so far...

the And 1 Official Truck...

Winner of Best beat boxing....

Some hip hop dances...

Look Ma, totally air-borne! Like Nike Air.... "Why drive when you can fly"

This cute kid was waiting anxiously to see his bro and friends play....

One point towards the MC..... he said, " you guys arrr, cheer louder when girls are playing. When the boys are playing, not as much cheer... What la you all......."

So boys in action:

Girls in action:

This guy in the blue jersey made 2 dunks and I wasn't fast enough to take a shot.... T_T
but he's definitely good!

so for more info, just drop by And 1 Malaysia for more information.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Yeah! New Nike shoes...

Well... I admit. I'm having knees weak for Nike stuffs... Strangely, only 2 brands you can cheat me on - Nike and DCShoeCoUSA. I know they're extremely expensive... and I do know that it's very rare you get good price for their products. So this is what happened....

Two years ago, when Nike launched the Air Max 360. I fell in love with it, but then again, the Nike 360 Basketball shoes looked HORRIBLE!! So I waited... then came the Nike 180. That's when I am truly, madly, deeply in love with the Nike 180 Basketball shoes. That time, the price for a new pair is almost RM 500!! Crazy! So, I ended up not buying it coz it's too expensive.

Then the price went down and soon, I knew that there would be no suitable size for me coz price goes down when there is no shoe size anymore. Miserable....

This July, Nike Launched a new range - The Flywire technology for the olympics. That's where again, madly in love with the Nike Hyperdunk.... Still the same price - RM 499.... That's expensive man!!

Then I started browsing E-Bay for the Hyperdunk coz the colour for sale in Malaysia is not the colour I wanted. After having found the blue coloured Hyperdunk, I was extremely happy - until I noticed that the price is not much cheaper... SO, I ended up browsing more shoes from Nike. That's when, I noticed THE pair of shoes in my 'Wish List' - the Nike 180 Basketball shoes.....

To my great happiness, the seller has my size!!! So I made the order and it costs only half of the original price. That's great!

Now that I have it, I'm certainly in cloud nine.....

There you go, my so called *dream* shoes...

I guess, 2 years from now, when Nike releases a new pair of shoes, I'll be eyeing for the Nike Hyperdunk pulak..... haha

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Yakult Trip

Wow... it's been a while since I last blog.... So I guess I'm pretty busy then. Anyway, the busy-ness is never going to end... it never will.

After a long week of studying, it's time to relax and unwind... Let's go for a trip to Yakult Factory!!

It's great going there.... have an insight of how Yakult factory looks like, and judging from the visit, the manufacturing line is extremely clean.... Less talking... more photos..... haha

Arrival to Yakult Factory

Amazing bus driver who managed to park the bus at such a small lot!!

Culturing, Homonizer and Processing Machines

Yakult drink plastic bottle production

Final product!!

Here are the yakults bottles from all over the world!!

Here's me...

And here are the group photos (without me)....

*sorry for the over-exposure... Forgot to test the exposure first.....

Anyhow... it's great to pay a visit there.... should go...

Next trip: Malaysia International Fireworks Competition (MIFC) Putrajaya - Grand Finale!!