Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The 11th Hour

I was kinda free today, so I sat down to watch "The 11th Hour", produced and narrated by Leonardo Dicaprio.

It is a fantastic documentary, talking about what is happening to our earth, why and how we can do to help, with lots of interviews with many people.... yada yada yada.....

But what really caught my attention was that we are going to loose this "Unique BLUE planet" if no further actions are taken. Well, that's the truth and we should be ready for to PAY for what we've done to our mother earth. Following few years, you should be seeing more natural disasters... more problems including lacking of food and water, etc. What you CAN do now is by asking "what can I do to help??"

Well, first of all, let me tell you people who like to 'TAR-PAU' (take away).... STOP "TAR-PAUing"!!! Go and eat your food at the restaurant or if you're really rushing for time, there's something called Tupperware! Stop using those white-coloured polystyrene to pack your food!

Secondly, switch off all your electrical appliances that are placed on 'Stand-by', especially YOUR mobile phone chargers and PCs!!

Thirdly, *I know that you don't want to continue reading this*, visit these few websites for more information on what and how you can help:

Earth Hour
11th Hour
World Wildlife Fund
An Inconvenient Truth

AND watch "The 11th Hour" and "An Inconvenient Truth".

Watch "The 11th Hour" trailer below:

Can't see the video? Click here.

So, be SLOW and SMART.

SLOW, meaning "Do not live lives mediated by marketplace or what's being sold. Things are thieves of time because the more things you love, the more time you have to spend working, the more your life is chained to a rhythm to get those things".

SMART, meaning "Frugality, not in Poverty. Use available resources WISELY"
~Nathant Gardels, Editor of New Perspectives Quarterly.~

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Yeah! Psytiphic is here...

Hello everyone,
Mike is in the house, starting the blogging process...

I know that the name sounds weird, but it is as simple as "Scientific". So basically, I'll blog about some dumb but cool science jokes.... Perhaps more than that.... *shrugs*

Anyway, I was at McD today and a friend of mine asked for a favour. "Can you help me check the tyre pressure at the gas station?" Sure, why not?

It was then she pointed at a label stating "Angin dan Air" (In Malay language, meaning : "Air and Water", and "Air" in Malay (pronounced aaa-yer) does not mean "Air" in English) and said out loud, "Hey, there's the "Angin dan 'a-er' ". A few of us were laughing our heads off as "Angin dan 'a-er' " both meant the same thing!

Sorry about that... kinda lame, I know.... But who knows?
Something might happen and I can tell you more about science in my Psy-tiphic world.