Saturday, January 31, 2009

Night view at Dong Zan Temple, Jenjarom.

Anually, Dong Zan Temple will have a beautiful and majestic decorations and display. The first time I heard about it few years back… I was a bit skeptical about it but now that I’ve seen it tonight, it’s too beautiful to believe in!

Take a look at this…

Lanterns by the roadside


In conjunction with moo-moo year, here’s the big cow…


The majestic temple


Decorations around the temple…

So you see… nice isn’t it?

IF you’re interested, you can go there yourself. UTAR FES’ Buddhist Society has organised a trip there, unfortunately, it’s fully booked. So, you’ve got to go on your own… Ask your family along!

P/S: I’ve gone to Dong Zen temple twice… to view the other post for me second visit, please click here.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back in KL…

That’s all for CNY and now I’m back in KL… Waiting and anticipating something to arrive at my doorstep soon…

To others still at home, do cherish your time with your family members. And happy getting stuck in the traffic, if it’s applicable on you… haha

Remember to bring me some famous kuih from your local town for me to taste ar!

Again, drink lots of water and alcoholic beverages. hehe… Cheers!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Now that I’m finally back in Kedah, I can enjoy good food (especially fried), meet my friends, get ang pau-s, and more food… I guess I’m gonna get sick again… :P

Anyway, I met up with Hee Boon today and took her out around SP for a quick tour. *Ren Quan, if you’re reading this… Nothing happened, okay?* Went for some shopping and food… Again food. haha

We had some great time and it’s nice having a friend coming from far away for a visit.

Other than that, I’ll be away for some time these few days and I’ll be back in KL on the 28th (3rd day of CNY)… I guess I’m going to miss all the fun in SP.

Dear all, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR, wear red-red colour and have fun!


P/S: Drink lots of water too!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Outing with Friends – UTAR PJ, Jaya One and Mid Valley

Today I went out with some friends to PJ, visited UTAR to take my UTAR Foundation Certificate.

UTAR students in PJ are now very fortunate to have Jaya One - Shopping cum Office. Lots of good food, yummy to the tummy and bad for your pocket. haha.
Here's some quick view around Jaya One.



View from the road, the Palm Square


Since it's about lunch time, we went in Wendy's Fast Food Outlet for lunch. The queue was long but the food portion is huge and tastes definitely better than McDonalds.


Beef Quarter Pound:


After lunch, we headed for Mid Valley for a tour and shopping. On the way out, we had some photographs taken.

Jing jing acting cute…


Group of friends:


At the Bus stop, waiting for taxi… but eventually, no taxi available to fetch us to Mid Valley. Took bus instead.


The decorations for Chinese New Year are up in Mid Valley Megamall and the feel of CNY is definitely in the air. Lots of reds and pink...



Then I dropped by Canon Concept Store and saw some photobooks on display. I picked one up and guess what I saw...



Apparently this photographer had taken a shot of the fireworks that looked almost similar to mine. I was a bit furious at first, thinking that this person might have taken my photograph off the internet and used it as his own! I did put up mine on my blog and here’s one…


Upon further inspection at home, I found out that it was almost similar but not the same! I was a bit shocked as how on earth could the two of us take almost similar photographs?! That is like, probability of one in a million!

This is so rare! But thinking again, I'm going to be a bit strict the next time.

All photographs to be distributed will be resized and tagged before distribution. This will ensure that my photographs are NOT misused. For those who wish to keep one copy, they will have to buy the printed photographs.

*Sorry guys, no more 'free-2-distribute' photos.

But seriously, I guess I've got to meet this photographer... It's like.... unexplainable.

Anyway, the day ended well and everyone was tired but happy.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I’m so under the weather

Chinese new year is coming soon and I’m so under the weather… Sore throat, flu, fever, tired, sick and lazy….

Hopefully I get better by Chinese New Year… So that I can get sick again. Haha

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kampar trip

Yesterday was a great trip to Kampar. Initially, my aim for going there is to take photographs of the new UTAR Kampar campus and meet up with Jeffery and Hao Xue.

The trip organized by UTAR SRC is to bring audiences from different campuses just to attend to the UTAR Song Competition.

I was not in the mood of being one of the spectators in the event. I wanted to play basketball with Jeff and Hao Xue cause the weather was good. But ended up not playing as well... Sorry to Jeff and Hao Xue.

I think this is the best team among the 10. Unfortunately, they didn't win... :(

"Loitering" around UTAR is pretty fun! Great scenery and picturesque landscapes, definitely a sight to behold. A great cure for the sore eye. (I get sore eyes after staying too long in KL). Haha. Even inside the building looks nice!

Then I met Edward. A great friend will always be one! So here are some photographs.

Photos with other friends...

Shu Vien... looking lonely....

ah Mok! Where are you?!

Some panoramas...
1) View from the cafeteria

2) The Heritage Centre

Saturday, January 17, 2009

UTAR Blood Donation Drive

Last Wednesday and Thursday was blood donation day in UTAR. I wanted to share something.

It has been extremely difficult to have this friend of mine to donate blood. He doesn't have any blood diseases or related illneses, but he just refuses to donate his blood.

For long 2 years, we've been persuading and pushing him to donate his bloood... And every time it fails. What happened last Thursday was, he walked into the registration hall and signed up to donate his blood - for the very FIRST TIME.

Many were stunned but other friends were clicking away - PHOTOGRAPHS!!! A moment of history! And what motivated him?? "Because of the grand prize loh! MP3 player mar!"

So here are some photographs of his generous act!

The crews behind the lucky draw counter...

Group Photo with crew and helpers.

The cutest photo of the day...

So those out there, please donate your (whole) blood. Your precious blood can save not only one but THREE lives!!! So, donate your blood today!!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Windows 7 Beta Test

Recently Windows announced the release of Windows 7 beta for people all around the globe to try out. And when I've finally got a copy on my hands, I couldn't find a spare hard disk to try the windows on.

Thanks to Greg for lending me his external hard disk for me to use it as a bootable hard disk for Windows 7 Beta. Now that I've finally got it installed, here are some quick views and new stuffs available on Windows 7...

First of all, the installation of Windows 7 is pretty fast and I got mine installed in less than 1 hour. After a few settings, you can just leave the PC on and go do something else in the meantime. The installation is some sort like installing Windows Vista.

Here comes the real test - is it any faster than windows Vista? How is the performance and compatibility of it and how smooth is the graphics etc.

Here's what I can tell:
1. Performance wise, pretty quick, better and smoother startup. But definitely not faster than Windows XP. But you can expect a slightly shorter startup time.

2. The RAM usage still very high... The system used up 1GB of RAM once you've started the Windows. Although this may contribute to some problems, this may also contribute to faster startup and program loadings.

3. Aero flip is still there and it is so much smoother and faster.

4. New Taskbar feature. The Multi-tabs feature hides all the descriptions of the program. You just need to point at the icon down at the taskbar, and a small windows will pop-up, showing you all the programs grouped under the program.

5. As promised, some of the Windows Tools are missing. Such as Windows Mail, Photo Features, MSN etc. You just need to install Windows Live Essential Pack (for free) and you'll get all the programs back.

6. As this copy of windows I got is Windows 7 ultimate, it comes with Windows Media Centre.

7. Now, there is a Slide Show Wallpaper. Just like Apple's Macs, wallpapers can change automatically in a preset period of time.

8. Auto dimming features do not switch off the display immediately but reduce its brightness. This certainly decrease the amount of battery use in the long run.

So basically, this version of Windows may bring happiness around the world... (definitely!) But I guess the Startup time and system preformance can be improved further. I guess the speed up is not as much. This test quick simple test of mine does not come in any benchmark testing or installation of any heavy programs etc. Startup time is quite fast because I didn't install any programs that would load during startup.

For those who wish to try out Windows 7 Beta, you may visit Microsoft Windows 7 Official Site. Please make sure you meet the minimum requirements before installing.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Complete sentences:

- Free yesterday - go sightseeing - Pavilion KL - beautiful decoration - took photographs -

Get the idea?

So, here are some of the photos...

The main entrance of the GRAND shopping mall.

I know the flower is fake, but it's worth a photo of it.

Here's Greg.

Then here are some random photos around the shopping mall.

Greg is trying to look 'emotional', it's a bit hard to capture the expression... Sorry Greg, I know that I need to improve on that.

Although it's a bit tiring, but worth the trip... then I end up watching over 4 hours of Eli Stone. I guess I'm just bored in KL... Haha