Saturday, June 28, 2008

Charity work.... then Miss Leong's visit...

Today must be the most magnificent day of my life, so far..... Having to do charity work with Tzu Chi and get to see Ms. Leong for awhile... haha

The charity work was great. Basically we went to Selayang Child care to give our sincerest and warmest love and friendship to them. These children are 'exile' from their country and Malaysia government refused to accept them as our citizen. In this case, they're the world's citizen, with an ID from UNESCO.

As for today, we had fun with them. I was the MC, definitely nervous a first, but was great with the help from other Tzu Chi members. Had a meaningful song, artwork and lots of laughters....!! This made life meaningful and beautiful...

So, you guys who may be interested to go to this place, do not hesitate to contact me or send an email to For more information about this charity work, visit this website.

Well, that was the charity work... Miss Leong arrived in the evening and had a great time with my friends. First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you!!! I only made home around 8.30pm where I met up with them who were having dinner that time.

I expected to see Miss Leong being surprised to see me, but instead, this girl is more surprised to see me than anyone else!!!

Well, not really surprised... she was just fooling around with the camera... Sorry la, these photos are too authentic, I couldn't delete them as requested.... :P

So here are the other photos....

Once again.... Happy Birthday to Miss Leong... May you be HAPPY, ALWAYS!!! Cheers!!!

P/S: There are captions on the photo... point and hold your cursor on the photos to display caption.

Friday, June 27, 2008

MTV Asia Awards is coming to town....

Wah!! Time really flies... and in about one month's time, we'll be able to see artises coming to town.... MTV ASIA AWARDS!!!

So wanna attend? Well, hold on... you have to vote yourself to win tix to go attend the concert at Genting... You can either go to MTV Asia Awards Website to vote, or you can click on the widget below to vote for my FAVOURITE BAND -- LINKIN PARK!!! So help yourself!

So vote, people!! Vote!!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

End of AGMs

Now that all the AGMs are over... I'm pleased to announce that.... CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL NEW COMMITTEE MEMBERS!!! Especially my friends...

It's good to know that you guys got positions in clubs and societies... I'm looking forward to a great collaboration. But I'd like to point out that... Arts can be of Photography, Music, Graphic Design, Video and Media, Marshal Arts, Arts and Health, Anime... etc. I'm not very happy with the person now holding the post as Chairperson of Arts and Crafts Society. You CAN'T just change the whole club to Anime Society because it's so wrong... you're so desperate for a change, to the stage that you're asking non-Arts and Crafts Society members to vote you. I'm not in the mood of commenting this, because I know there are lots of Anime fans out there, so no matter what, my comments will not be accepted by your people.

If you're so capable, please FORM your own club. F**k those DSA people for declining you. If you're good, you can form your own club... why want to steal other people's club?? Such coward.

Enough of that, congrats again to all those who deserved it. You all have done a fantastic job. All the best to everyone, and happy collaboration!


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Cycles? Bicycles? Tricycles? Quads?

Well, today, a friend of mine showed me something on MSN...

"小学我学会Bicycle。 中学学到Recycle。 大学竟然多了Urea Cycle, Cori Cycle, Kreb's Cycle!!!"

Well, kinda a joke actually. It's true you know... When you're in primary school, you learn about bicycle; In secondary school, you learn about Recycle; then when you're in advanced level, there are so many more cycles - Urea / Ornithine Cycle, Cori Cycle, Kreb's / TCA / Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle..."

It's been a while since I had a good laugh at stuffs... Perhaps next time I should get some cheeky stuff into my blog...

By the way, you know what happened to the mutated E.Coli that could fly? Well, actually, we've captured it in America Type Culture Collection (ATCC). Damned.... now the Americans have pure culture of mutated E.Coli.

The truth is, we Asians should establish a lab like the True Culture Collection Centre, call it 'Asians True Microbes Culture Centre'. You know why? because we're so diversified, and most of our medically-potential bacteria culture are now stored in the US coz we don't have a storage center. So, the US scientists used our Asian culture to get expensive drugs, and sell them to us!

So everyone... don't be angry if other scientists steal your research because you'll be hopping like MAD!!! Hope that we can have our own culture center one day. Perhaps this can be a potential business to those Entrepreneurs-cum-scientists out there....

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Lonely... I'm so lonely..... Oh I'm on my oooooooowwwnnnn................

Yo guys, I'm so dead... Given the task to manage a society. Heavy work lor... Die. But then again, I've been doing some thinking alone in my room.... it seemed that people are havin great fun outside, while I'm in the room working extremely, extremely hard.

Is it that I'm a *ahem* 'fastidious' man? So hard to please me? Or is it me, just studying too hard? Hmm... I've no idea. But I'm going to tell you a story...

Once upon a time, there's a man named Escherichia. He was very keen on leaving behind a legacy, so he found a bacteria, and named it Escherichia Coli. Not a really good legacy anyway... because everytime people get sick, especially people like me getting diarrhea, I'd be like 'stupid E.Coli.... forcing people to stay in the toilet for a longer period of time. I'm going to spend 30% of my lifetime in the toilet, so stop it already!'

In order to eradicate this problem, Miss Thiomargarita from Namibia came up with an idea - to shine her pearly-yellow sulfur at Mr. E. Coli. But it was not easy to get to Mr. E. So Mr. Epulopiscium FISHelsoni offered to help. Together, these two mumbo-jumbo flew half over the globe with a fish.

Once arriving the destination, the two of them start to plan on assassinating Mr. Escherichia. Along the way, a few people offered to lend a hand. Micrococcus, Mycoplasma, Klebsiella and Bacillus, together with their family members, rise and fight Mr. E.

On the big day, all of them attacked Mr. E. But unfortunately, they're all too poisonous, and together, they react with each other, leading to a formation of large atomic bomb. That bomb exploded and killed many many people... just like the 'Dark parade of the Bubonic Plaque'. Muhahahahahaha!!!! *ahem* Then, hor, Mr. E died in the bomb but his legacy remains... Escherichia Coli managed to hide himself and escaped from the bomb. After the atomic bomb, E.Coli is now a mutant.... with the ability to FLY!!!

This is where I have to stop... the saga continues next time..... haha!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More homework.... but CARs... Hmm.....

Wah.... So many things to do, Nutrition Assigment due next monday; HR assignment due next week's Friday; Moral assignment due two weeks later.... So rush... haiz...

This coming monday also got quiz, this Thursday got Microbiology Lab Quiz.... WAH!!!! DIE...

But then again, think positive, think positive, think positive... think *huh* think what? Whatever-la... Now what I can do is to try my best, to work my a** off....

Don't know whether would I regretted not going to the Trailblazer event.... I'd better not regret lo.... So jealous of those going... Haiz...

I don't know what I'm crapping here.... Haiz...

Anyway, got a long lost friend's phone number today from another friend. He's been drifting!! *ahem* without parents' permission.... But then again... so cool and awesome!! Heh... I know I'm only 1% motor freak..... Not eligible to comment.... But those who love fast cars... check this out - Tesla Motors - 2008 Roadster. Not guilty of using this car... coz it's fully ELECTRIC.... It's so environmental friendly...

Imagine... 0-100km/h in 3.9 seconds!!!

Yo! That's it... Mike OUT!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

So, how did UTAR TT Night go?

Well, first of all, I'd like to thank my crew... You guys are the greatest help of all. It was a fantastic job you guys did and you deserve lots and lots of compliments!!! So far, I think we have done the best! Because other departments basically did quite a bad job... e.g. Technical department was the worst last night.

Enough of that, let me tell you what happens when you get a leader who just throw things to you and expect you to do it without any guidance. Not that I don't want to ask questions, is just that I don't know what to ask!! 15 hours prior to event, I just knew that I've got so many things to do, yet I've done nothing yet! Thanks to C.S. for pointing out what I should be doing. I slept at 2 am that day (I know it's common for many of you, but not me!). Waking up at 7 am, kinda regretted that I didn't drink the E. Coli bacteria mix yesterday. (For your info, getting E.Coli infection means you're going to have diarrhea.)

But things turned out good! I've got sufficient crews to help me... Had fun using the Walkie-Talkie, great photo session, and making other committee members looking like idiots coz my team was the FIRST to sign OFF!!

So here are the Honours.....

And here's my leader....

Although the event was not good, but at least my crew has done their best... Once again, thanks to you all!!! Fantastic!

For more photos, please visit

Friday, June 6, 2008

The Sunshine Gang

Well, this is the first time I'm posting photos on this blog.... so since I'm so unfamiliar.... I'm gonna let you see for yourself and you decide who am I.

For those already known me... SHUUDDAP! heh...

Anyway, a good friend of mine spotting a *new* hair cut - mohawk.... so definitely gotta take a photo with him...

Anyway, I've just submitted my CV and job application to UTAR today; what I'm curious is, why do you guys put a photo of yourself on the CV?

Don't know about you guys, but I what I think is that a resume without an ID photo is the best. You don't want your employee to judge you too fast about your appearance before you even enter for an interview. Am I right? *Hoping So*

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Fuel Crazee!!

So it's confirmed!! Petrol now at RM 2.70 (previously at RM 1.92)..... Well want to solve this problem? Then allow me to introduce you


10 Tips to reduce petrol price.....

1. Stop using plaztics....
2. Stop using polystyrene food packages
3. Exercise more by cycling to work
4. Car pooling...
5. Stop queuing up for fuel when you hear a petrol price raise!!
6. Stop blaming Pak Lah's fault and start blaming on us.....
7. Blame our bad public transport service.
8. Don't throw everything into recycling... Think before you buy and repair before you recycle.
9. Use laptops and not PCs!!
10. Don't spend on unnecessaries..... like 200 dollars on haircuts... *especially girls*

You know why I say these, because they're the truth.... and you can change before it's too late, or else, you'll be OVER DEPENDENT on petroleum products.

When you reduce demand for petroleum products, you're going to reduce the price.... Like me... I don't have to worry about the fuel price (not just yet) coz I'm taking the public transport...

For mother earth,
we'll die together with you.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Study, studie, studied, stupied, stupid - Stupid-ified!

Well, my final exam results are out... But I'm not that happy with it, because I know I've not studied hard enough just yet. Perhaps I can do better. Somehow, I felt that, "All work and no play makes Mike dull boy"... I don't know about other friends, however, I felt that I'm now studying for the sake of getting good grades in my finals, and not for the sake of knowledge. Friends, you're welcome to comment here!

Anyway, I'm sick of browsing my 3" thick Microbiology everyday. So what I'm going to do is, I'm going to assign a new name to everyone in my class, whereby their names would be the scientific names of bacteria, viruses and many other microorganisms..... *Secretly*.... So if I mistakenly called you by a scientific name, please do not hesitate to ask me what's that microbe..... haha, or you can either ignore it and think that "All MICROBIOLOGY and no play makes MIKE a CRAZY boy"!!

So many things to do - reports, industrial training stuffs, letters, 4 x assignments!! I'm going to bed.... zzZZzzZZzz