Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I know how to Unlock phones!!!

I am happy that I've successfully unlocked a UK phone... because it is tied to a UK phone network, the phone has to be 'unlocked' so that it will work with other mobile networks.

It was a risky tryout but worth it. Cause now I know... with some money, I can unlock phones.... which includes... iPhone!! (*Greg, are you reading this?) So, if you're interested, you can talk to me... hehe.

No more over 2K for an unlocked iPhone in Malaysia... get one from Singapore, and pay me money to help you unlock it... I'm sure it's so much cheaper... haha

Actually, even if you're interested, I can't guarantee you a 100% successful unlocking for iPhone. Saja cakap aje.

Enough of that, Happy New Year everyone! Take care...

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

What UTARians do when they're bored?

So.... You REALLY want to know what UTARians do when they're bored?

Here we go...

1) try balancing a book or a file on the head

2) studying on the lecture hall table

3) Drawing with 'Paint' in Microsoft windows and set it as a wallpaper in the lecture hall's PC

4) Show off their muscles when they know that they've none... *tsk! tsk!

5) Go karaoke and scream their heart out as if they are the only one on Earth

6) Making a fool of themselves

7) Take lots of photos of themselves

8) Play and exercise at places where adults are prohibited from using the amenities.

9) Be happy and merry! Till drunk! (No lah... just kidding)

10) Play poker and mar qiok like nobody's business

The list goes on and on... I'll tell you more if I've got more (hilarious) photos.

P/S: Thanks to those who are featured and please do not kill me if you are offended... hehe.

Thanks yo!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Another reunion...

Again... Another reunion... same friends... as always... haha

This time, we're heading out the somewhere recommended by the TV Show 'Ho Chiak'. It is my friend's father's shop. The famous ICE-BLENDED RED-BEAN DRINK.

There are several different varieties - Ice-blended coconut juice, Ice-blended Milo, Ice-blended Peanut, Ice-blended etc... I'm sure they even have Ice-blended Durian during the Durian season! Well, the drinks are good, but the chatting is definitely better.

A friend of mine came back from Australia for the second in 1 month... (something didn't went well the first time he came back). Anyway. he's doing great and this reunion is specially organized to meet him. The rest just follows - lots of chats, Q'n'A, laughter and ice-cold humours... swt.

Enough of that, here are my cheerful, 'ji zha' friends...

Here, the main character... Oliver Giam, Supporting actor... Hong Teik

Other Supporting actors...

Kang Khai, Han Xi

Chau Weng, Phiak Yi

Han Xi, Chun Xian

Hong Teik, Kang Khai & Han Xi

The ever cheerful Er Sern

Here's a great portrait for girls out there... hehe...

Look at his crazy attics in the group photos...

So many reunions... I wonder when I will end? Let us hope it NEVER will!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Bored to death? Not really

Yesterday was definitely as interesting as ever...! First of all, my internship is finally over, so I have the coming days OFF! and I'm jobless... I know... Recession mar... haha

The day started off when I went to meet some primary school friends... at Pelita Mamak Shop somewhere in Taman Sejati. We had some roti-s and had a long chat... almost 2 hours...! Here are some of my friends.

These guy are just acting funny... Never mind about them... Haha

From Left: Khe Ching, Yong Leik, Eddy Fong, Mike, Liang Qian, Ming Wei, Chun Hong

Follow up, a drop by at the Asian Institute of Medicine, Science and Technology University (AIMST University). My friend wanted to go get some stuffs from her hostel and since I've never been there, I went with her.

The environment in AIMST University is good. But the students might need some attitude adjustment... haha... I don't know.

Anyway, I've got some photos so show...

The Hostel in the University Campus

Some views around the campus:

A lotus pond just beside the Sports Complex.

Panoramas of the Administration Office

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Huh?! What?

Seriously, I don't know what to talk about. But a few things for sure...

1) My internship is going to end TOMORROW!!! And I'm going to become jobless... T_T

2) 5th Former Reunion will be held on the 22nd of Dec (Monday), AFTERNOON at 3.30pm, somewhere around village mall. I really have no idea where to go for food already.... *** EDIT: Sorry for the change again, it'll be at 3.30 pm, at Seventeen Restaurant around Lagenda Heights. Please be there SHARP!!

3) School is starting preeeeetttyyyy soon and I'm a bit nervous already.

4) I got a new hooded-jersey from my friend... my long-owed birthday gift... hehe... but actually the both of us love exchanging gifts... more like birthdays a.k.a. Christmas.

5) Santa Claus Recession is coming to town!

6) I got 4 working earphones at home?! Do I have that many?!

7) There will be no electricity at my house from 9.30am to 6 pm this coming Sunday... TNB Maintenance = no movies and computing for me.... T_T

8) I need to go out jogging more often... Every time seemed to failed somehow...

That's all I know... so far... things are still good... but my fellow friends, you'd better be thrifty and save up... RECESSION IS SOOOOOOO DEFINITELY COMING TO TOWN!!! muhahahahahahahaha

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Biomedical Science, Year 2 Sem 2 Timetable for Jan 2009

Dear coursemates, the timetable for our course, Biomedical Science is now out and available in UTAR and also download-able here.

There are some things you need to take note of:

1) All tutorials and labs should start on the first week itself. So please attend tutorials and labs on the first week if the lecturer did not say that they are canceled. I will check with the General Office further and keep you guys updated.

2) I will try to move the lecture on Monday to other days as I know that many are traveling from far. So please be patient while I deal with the Office to reschedule our time table. :)

3) Maths is for those who are repeating. So please don't worry about that extra subject. Also, for those who have subjects that require retaking, please consult your respective lecturers about the timetable.

4) There will be a short briefing on Monday, 12 Jan 2009, at 3.30 pm, at S 302. I need to discuss with you guys regarding our course T-shirt and also some small stuffs that may require your attention. Your participation is highly anticipated... *wink*

5) I WILL NOT BE PRINTING AND PHOTOCOPYING THIS TIMETABLE FOR YOU GUYS. So please print out a copy for yourself. Sorry about that.

Thanks for being patient reading my memo.

Here is the time table.

PDF Format

JPEG Image Format

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Friends are forever?

Friends are forever.... True or False?
Friends are there when you need help.... True or False?
Friends can always be the one that listen.... True or False?

I'm gonna tell you the answer - True AND False.

Friends are forever, but you need friends who cherish your presence...
Friends are there when you need help, but you yourself should be there when they needed help...
Friends can always be the one that listens, but you need to listen to their comments too...

So, to me, what's a good friend to me?
It's hard for me to explain, but I know that a great friend will ALWAYS tell me what are my faults, how I can improve myself...

As for now, am I lonely? I know I'm not poor of friends, but why am I still lonely inside? So what's wrong? What's always wrong with me?

Monday, December 8, 2008

Penang's Botanical Garden

In conjunction with Floral Festival, Penang's Botanical Garden has transformed into a sight for tired, sore eyes...

The flower arrangements are beautiful. You can see many products on sale, with the most sales goes to consumers who buy fertilizers... They also exhibit many orchids, beautiful flowers and stones... (yes! Stones as exhibits!)

Enough of talking, let's take a look at some flowers!

This one is actually a floral arrangement.

I guess, I do not need to put words into the beauty of these flowers. I hope you enjoy looking at these flowers...!!!

If you went there too, share your links and view with me!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Making the Impossible Possible....

Barely 12 hours.... and I see another blood sample being tested as Rhesus Negative!! "O" Negative some more!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

One lucky day? Maybe?

Ever since I first stepped into the clinical laboratory, I made a wish... I hope to run my very own ABO test, and getting the opportunity of seeing one of the patients is actually with Rhesus Negative.

So after a long wait, the day has finally come, and I did one! The patient actually is with 'B' Rhesus Negative Blood! How lucky would that be!

After seeing (not running) over 346 tests when I'm working in this lab, I finally got one patient with Rhesus Negative!

In the pas 3 years of record, 424 patients, only 2 patients with Rhesus Negative. Including now, a total of 770 patients, only 3 with Rhesus Negative, that's like 0.389% of getting one patient Rhesus Negative... (Forget about statistics, I know data not enough la, not enough samples... hehe )

But my point is, I'm happy, and I know I'm happy... heh

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Just Emotions...

Up, Down
Yes, No
Right, Wrong
Sane, Crazy
Big, Small
Fine, Bad
High, Low
Happy, Sad
Own, Loss
Love, Hate
Lonely, Cheerful...

I don't know what I'm talking about, but I do know that whenever you have these feelings, I'm always here to hear and chat about it. :)