Thursday, May 22, 2008

A follower or free thinker?

I always have the problem when people ask my help to take photographs, particularly events kinda photographs. When you ask a person for help, always respect them, trust them and let them do what they're good at. So, just SHUT UP and let me do my work!!!

Today, UTAR held an ice-breaking session with the freshies for the May 2008 intake students. I was initially assigned to be a helper at one of the game stations, but a change of fate, they changed my tasks to 'photographer'. Well yeah! Why not? I kinda like to go around places and shoot my photographs, the way I LIKE IT and the way I WANT IT.

There was this committee member of ice breaking team, 'shoot like this, shoot like that, use wide angle shot, don't use flash.... etc, etc.' Hey man! I know my camera better than anyone else. So why not you just f*** off and go somewhere else. Use your own camera, for god's sake.

So a lesson to everyone, I know you're good at what you're doing, and you should always get advice from those experienced. If you're SOOOOOOO GOOD, please please please please show respect to newbies and guide them properly, instead of saying 'follow this and that'.... Pick the right words!!!

At the end of the day, I don't know whether this guy is just plain dumb or what, he ask those who want their photos to write down their E-mail address. I was like 'WOW! That's crazy man!! Over 150 E-Mails to be sent out to!!' Anyway, I did what I could, I compressed all the photos and sent it to PhotoBucket. So you can get the UTAR Ice-Breaking Photos - May 2008 Session here.

Nice game and good work to everyone!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Is it me?? Or anyone else??

Sometimes, I feel sad and down. Sometimes feeling as 'high' as the sky. Sad, because I'm feeling alone even when I'm surrounded by friends.

When friends are not there, I feel that life is not worth it because you live a life of deceit and people just use you to get to what they want. I'm always having that feeling, perhaps I'm just not happy enough. Save me!! Give me advise. Am I just that person who always be used and not being able to get help when ever I need it?

Looking at the bright side, perhaps it's I who owe these people in my previous lives. Perhaps they're just here to get back what I owe them. Good thing right?? I don't know. You tell me.

Hopefully I would be able to find the strength to move on, be stronger, be ignorant sometimes, be a person who can say no to certain things. May God be with me and in good faith that I will be able to have true friends to share my stories.

If you're a great friend, I'm sure that you're reading my blog right now. Want to show me, contact me and I will donate RM 5 to Tzu Chi Buddhist foundation to aid the victims of Myanmar cyclone and China earthquake. You can donate too. I can tell you more when we stay in touch.

Cherish life.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Movies and Natural Disasters

Hmm... It's a while since my last post. Well, you can see that natural disasters happened around us... Myanmar, now China.... What NEXT?!

Well, can Iron Man save us? Superman! Where are you?! How nice if cars can become Transformers and help out in these disasters... yada yada yada..... I know, I watched too much movies...hehe

Anyway, Marvel studios is coming up with more movies, making our childhood toys and cartoons come alive... with hot, hot artistes! Hah! Incredible hulk coming soon, and I doubt I'll watch that coz I don't really like the green giant (sorry man...).

Last but not least, Step Up 2 : The Streets is going to hit 'the streets' this July... and I'm SO going to get one.... See ya! Take care.