Thursday, January 28, 2010

Apple iPad

Apple just released their iPad… expect that the low price of it (starting price at $499) would be a great deal for everyone…


Well, not quite.







iPad is something like a blown-up size of iPod Touch. Something like this…


Although it is very very thin, and very very light… and Apple was condemning that Netbook is totally useless, it basically can’t do all these things where a Netbook can do:

1. Run multiple programs at the same time, just like a PC.

2. Install programs from different companies, such as Photoshop or Microsoft Office.

3. Take photographs of me with a built in webcam.

4. A full scale keyboard. iPad is stuck with the old iPod Touch QWERTY keyboard with no numberings or symbols. Come on! You can use multi touch on ‘Shift + Symbol’ right?

5. Icons on PC can be resized.

6. No crazy names on the netbook. You know what I mean.


I wonder, “what’s next”? Can someone hijack the iPad and load in Windows or Linux? Apple, do something… or this would be bad for you.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

After 3+ months…

For almost 3 and a half months I’ve been away from KL.

And this is what I get today when I started cleaning the house…


With ants marching to the sweetened rubbish bin for food, in such a huge crowd I’ve never seen before…



May someone shed some light on them…


Thank you.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Malacca Trip

During the Malacca trip last weekend, although time was short, I learnt a lot. As in, really a lot of things. For the time being, I guess, it’s better for me to keep these to myself, and may time wash all of these away.

Anyways, the purpose of going there was to attend Ms Leong’s wedding. I was the wedding photographer and I definitely enjoy the time spent photographing. Still, I noticed that I kind of panicked when there were too many new scenes for me to catch.

Sorry that I can’t post any photographs of Ms Leong’s wedding here until her permission is granted.

Not much, but here are some photographs taken (in a rush) by the seaside.


One of the funniest shots ever. Seizing the moment.



Joanne and her boyfriend.



Some lovely portraits…





It’s been a while since my photograph was taken. Thanks to Ying Chian for this wonderful shot.



The must have group photo, with quite a lot of people missing from the scene.



In short, shooting under a sun so hot with the wind blowing furiously at you was crazy enough; when you have to do your manual exposure with a manual focus lens and not being able to see your LCD screen clearly for correct exposure, that, was even crazier.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I noticed that my updates are getting less and less…

I noticed that I have more time to spend…

I noticed that I have more things to do…

I noticed that my work load has gone up.


But one thing for sure,

I know that I am utilizing time to the fullest.

I know that I am contributing more time to the society.

I know that I am now more calm in handling things and issues.

I know that I am able to handle stress better than before.


Time spent in Taiwan was not wasted at all.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tzu Ching Camp 2009 / 2010

This camp must be one of the best camps I’ve ever attended. Over 700 Tzu Chings (慈青) from all over the globe come to Hua Lian, Taiwan.

First off was the global Tzu Ching Camp, followed by the Overseas Tzu Ching Camp and lastly, the hospital volunteer.

The trip started on 24th December 2009 and ended on 11th January 2010.

Enough said, let’s go to the photos.


Unexpected luck to be able sit near to a window, to watch sunset from the airplane.



Tao-Yuan Jing-si Hall.



Train to Hua-Lian, one of the fastest I’ve ever boarded.



Tzu Chi International 6 Star ‘Hotel’…



The place where the Silent Mentors are honoured.


Sharing session with this newly met xue jie working in Tzu Chi Office.


Then came the day where we have to walk all the way from Hua-Lian JingSi Hall to Jing She. Distance about 8 to 12 km.




Getting to the next stop.



An actual size of Jing She behind Daai Broadcasting Centre.



Orange night sky.



Hua-Lian JingSi Hall



A view from where I stayed…



Farm beside the Jing She, where many different vegetables were planted for our consumption.



View around the farm.



Heading back to Taipei.



Sunset on our journey to Tao Yuan JingSi Hall.



Shi Bo explaining the soap making process…



One of the exhibits at Ren Wen Activities Exhibition.



Everyone is a close buddy during camp.



Walk around the nearby park, and they had facilities for roller skating.



Another fate to meet with Mr. Kun-Shan Xie.

Although tiring, and having to sleep by 9.30 pm and wake up at 3.50 am everyday, it was a great experience and I definitely had fun during this camp. Meeting everyone from all over the globe was another great feat done in such a short time.