Monday, September 29, 2008

Outing at Mid Valley

Today is a great day. Went out to Mid Valley Megamall and Gardens with Greg. So, we went for lunch at Tony Rama's Restaurant. The food is great and tasty, especially the chicken cream soup. Fantastic!!

This is what Greg ordered and the helpings are hearty! He ended up raising white flag for chowing too much food down.

Retarded looking.... Too full to respond.... haha

Raising the white flag.... with tissue paper!!! Hah!

This is my order. Seemed a bit too little though... but I ended up with overstuffed stomach as well. Haha

Next up, movies at Gardens.... PREMIER CLASS!!! Fuh-YO!
Costs RM 15 for students, but very comfortable seats.... Went to watch Mamma Mia : The Movie. GREAT MOVIE, MUST WATCH!!! Make sure you listen up to ABBA songs before watching the show, and you'll be happily dancing and singing along... haha!!!

So before the movies, Greg and I went toilet-touring.... visited the gold class cinema toilet and premier class cinema toilet... haha
And here's a photo of Greg outside the toilet, seating at the gold class GSC waiting hall.

And here's a cheerful Greg, can't wait for HSM to come to town....

Heh... Not a bad outing anyway... Enjoyed it very much.

'Til then, Tata....

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Recalling Made in China Milk Products....

to everyone,

If you guys read the news on the newspaper recently, the Sanlu Milk product for babies is contaminated with Melamine. Later on, AVA Singapore did an analysis on the imported products and found out that some other food products imported from China also contain Melamine.

Below are some of the products available in Malaysia and are being recalled. Please do not consume them if you have it at home.

Mentos yoghurt bottle
Dove choc
Oreo Wafer sticks
Dutchlady sterilised milk (The contaminated ones are not available in Malaysia)
Wall's all natural mango ice-cream
Wall's Mini poppers ice-cream
Wall's Magnum ice-cream
Wall's Moonsandwich ice-cream
Wall's Mini Cornetto ice-cream
Youcan ice-cream

To know more about the effects and dangers of Melamine, refer to this information from US Food and Drug Administration - Interim Melamine and Analogues Safety/Risk Assessment.

Here are a few important quotes from the FDA Risk Assessment:

"The observed toxic effects of melamine on animals in controlled studies only occur following high dose exposures"

"The most commonly observed effects in animal experiments where melamine was administered orally include: reduced food consumption, body weight loss, bladder stones, crystalluria, epithelial hyperplasia of urinary bladder, and lowered survival rate. However, no kidney failure or clinical symptoms of kidney failure were observed from these studies, including in a dog study."

Please inform your family and friends regarding this matter. And please don't worry too much if you've consumed these products because worrying will make you sicker - false positive results. Just be calm. As mentioned above, only in high dose exposure, you'll see the effects. Thank you.

WAH!!! HOLIDAY!!! ..... *yeah, right....

EXAMS ARE FINALLY OVER!!! Did you ever notice that when exams are over, you feel aimless? Sudden loss in sense of direction... it's like there's nothing to aim after the exam. Well, it's very very true. So those of you who have completed your finals, please plan your holiday carefully. Don't let it slip and regret for not doing much after the holidays.

Anyway, I had a great week after the exam. Birthday celebrations, trips, movies and shopping. Life is great and it's been a while since I really relax like that. Weeks after weeks, busy and hectic schedule had tied me down. Hard. So I guess this is a reward after such a struggle. The reward is sweet if you put effort into your work / studies. Here, I wish everyone all the best!

Here are some photos taken during my friends' birthday party.

*ahem... This is not my girlfriend ar.... She's just the birthday girl.... Haha! Don't go and spread to everyone that she's mine, I'd kill you....

So in another few weeks, I'd have to report for my industrial training and it's no more holiday for me.... Hopefully working there would be an educational process. Please don't keep me in the lab for the whole 11 weeks of internship!!!

That's it for today, signing off!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Time Flies...

Time really flies... before you know it, my exam is going to end soon, I'm going to celebrate something, a camp to attend and finally my industrial training.

Sometimes you like the time to fly quickly, sometimes you wish that it stays stationary forever. But no matter what, be appreciative of the time you have.

Today is special because you don't know what is going to happen. That is why it is known as 'PRESENT'

By the way, House M.D. is premiering tomorrow in the US for season 5. So gotta catch that show...!! For some other TV series that you might like, you can check out Yahoo! TV - Fall TV Premieres.... There are over 70 dramas screening new seasons and 10 new dramas for you to choose from. SO, since the exam is over, you guys can check out the new shows at watch them... haha! you know what to do....

Signing off... MKC

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Join the Canon Movement

Here's something you can do... Go to, submit a photo to Canon and Canon will help you plant a tree at Kota Damansara.

Join the Canon Goes Green Movement. For every photo you submit, Canon will plant a tree. Be quick guys... Almost all the tree saplings are taken up...

If you prefer to go hands on experience, go to the 'volunteering' section and become a volunteer... Help Canon plant trees during this movement.

The photos you uploaded will be on display on Canon's Gallery. You can view them and it'll be all over the world. Ha! How's that?!

Why wait? Join now!!

So everyone - GO GREEN!!!

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Let the Exams begin!!

*WARNING: The below messages will make you nervous and high in cortisol level, especially if you have not study enough... To solve this medical problem, I suggest that you study right after reading the message. But there is no guarantee that this will definitely solve this problem... :P

EXAM is HERE!!!!

*die... myocardial infarction...... =.=||

I know that the exams are here, and the least you can do is stop playing a fool and study hard... for just 2 weeks la.... not like forever....

There are so many things to study, yet so little time. But remember to take a break once in awhile... coz "All work and no play makes YOU a dull, boring, annoyed, agitated, furious boy!" So next time, you'd better study prior to exam...

So how's my Moral and Ethics exam....? Kinda good I guess.... as long as I pass. Regretted not getting out of the exam hall earlier than I can because this is a 2 and a half hour paper and I kinda relaxed during the exam...
Basically I answered the questions quite slowly.... Which I shouldn't do that in other papers... have to remind myself on that... Have to think faster and write faster.... Haha!

Again, all the best to everyone. BEST OF LUCK IN YOUR EXAMS!!