Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting cancer soon…

Tomorrow is the day where I have to sit for a test called Oncology. And the section tested would involve all the cancer pathways and the dysregulation of all these pathways lead to cancer formation (carcinogenesis).

So here’s an overview of the cancer pathways:

1. The AKT/PKB Pathway

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This pathway is involved in the cell proliferation and growth.


2. Cyclins and Cell Cycle Regulation

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This pathway is a continuation of previous pathway. This pathway regulates DNA replication and cell proliferation.


4. The Famous p53 PathwayOne of the most important cell guardian

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This pathway makes sure that everything is right. Not too much of proliferation, induce repair mechanisms and apoptosis in cases of DNA damage. It basically protects a cell from going crazy. Mutation in gene expressing this p53 protein eventually leads to cancer formation, no doubt.


4. Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) Pathway

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Part of the pathways was learnt, and again, they all regulate cell proliferation and growth.


5. (Summary of) Molecular Mechanisms of Cancer Pathway

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I think this is the most complex diagram ever constructed. This is how complex cancer is. 

6. (Another Summary of) Pathways in Human Cancer

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This is exactly what I’m studying at this moment. This PDF is available at

As you can see, the pathways are driving everyone crazy, and these are all normal cell processes. Without them, we cannot survive. Yet, dysregulation of these pathways lead to cancer formation. Why dysregulation occurs? Too many factors already, which include chemical and physical exposures, cellular processes etc. Most frequently, food is one of the main causes of cancer. So, YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT.

By the way, too much of stress do induce cancer formation… and I’m a bit stressed out… Hope that I don’t get cancer because of this… CHOY!!!

Also, if you like the other posters, do not hesitate to download them from Credit goes to them for creating such fantastic posters that makes everyone crazy!!!

3 Responses to “Getting cancer soon…”

kws said...

Just looking at the elaborate pathways gives me brain cancer...

Mike Cheong said...

haha... now you know how complex it is...

Kristin said...

Wah... banyak complicated la.. XD I think I am having brain crash suddenly..