Saturday, October 29, 2011

A Sustainable Future


National Geographic Magazine is one of my must read reading material of all time. Not only I improved my use of vocabulary and diversify my writing techniques when I indulge myself in the articles, I get myself abreast of all the latest news and updates, especially on environmental discussions.

Recently, I found myself watching the National Geographic Live! Explorers Symposium featured in the Apple iTunes Podcasts. I couldn’t help but agree more with one of the discussions in the episodes – Seafood and Survival by Barton Seaver. He is not a scientist, but merely an observer. As a chef, he realized the importance of a meal to humans – it is where humans get together as a family. As he got older, he came to realize that the seafood he used for cooking has become exorbitantly expensive, and some of his favourite catches were no longer there for harvesting. It was then he said this, “As chefs, we are responsible for creating a demand of exotic food. We are the one who popularized shark fin soup and we are now in control of the natural selection of seafood species.” He believed that it is our duty as the harvester of our natural resources should use our natural resources wisely.

“Sustainability is not about the environment, it’s about sustaining people. We may have used an eco-friendly method to cultivate shrimps in farms, but having a shrimp buffet as a business is not a sustainable method. Sustainability failed on the human part.” He’s right! At the end of the day, we’ll be affected when the ecosystem collapsed. I can firmly say that ecosystem is there to support our living!

In short, we should really take a step forward and look at our dinner plates. You are indeed what you eat, but at the same time, the Earth’s wellbeing is what you eat too! So be responsible for what you consume.

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